About me

Name: Mitch Kolkman
Date of Birth: 19-09-2002, Haarlem
Sport: Triathlon
Nationality: Dutch
Quote: ''Work Hard''
Goal: Olympics

Ever since I was a child, I have loved sports.

I started playing football when I was four years old. Β Three years later I started to swim next to my football training. I could combine the two sports pretty well. In 2017 I wanted to try something new, that’s when Triathlon came on my path. I stopped playing football, and started doing triathlon. Every year I got better and better and in 2021 I was accepted into the national team of the Dutch triathlon. It became my passion and my life. I have dedicated myself completely to triathlon and I am doing everything I can to make my dream of the Olympic Games come true. 2023 was a breaktrough season where I put my name somehow on the map with a podium finish at u23 Worlds and some eye catching performances at the highest level in our sport.

My Achievements


  • European Junior Qualifier, 1st.
  • Superleaqeu Arena Games Rotterdam, 2nd.
  • Dutch Junior National Championships, 4th.


  • ETU Junior Cup Bled, 1st.
  • Dutch Junior National Championships, 1st.
  • WTCS Hamburg (Debut in the world series at age 18), 37th.
  • Junior World Championships Quarteira, 4th.


  • European U23 Championships Olstzyn, 4th.
  • European Senior Championships Olstzyn, 9th.
  • World Cup Tongyeong, 22th.


  • U23 World Championships Pontevedra, 3rd.
  • Dutch u23 Championships, 1st.
  • Dutch Senior Championships, 2nd.
  • World Cup Tanger, 8th.
  • World Series Mixed Relay Paris, 6th.
  • Competed at my first Major Games in Krakow.

Goals for 2024:


  • Medal at u23 European and World Championships.
  • Qualification and competing at Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
  • Deliver top 5 performances at World Cup racing.


  • Remain injury free and train consistently.
  • Continue to improve.
  • Trust and invest in my training process and continue to learn as a professional athlete.

Personal Progress

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